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Paul and Son Locksmith Provides Top Quality 24/7 Lock Service

Only the highest quality of service goes into our mobile locksmiths. We offer a 24 hour service in Richmond VA for all emergencies. These emergencies can include automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services including installation and repair. We handle a range of problems including safe and vault repair as well as re-keying and lock picking. With Paul and Son Richmond Locksmith at every hour and every day there is no reason to ever worry.

Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond VA provides mobile professionals

An installation of a new security system from Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond VA can help lower insurance for the home. We have all styles of locks like jimmy proof deadbolts, deadbolts, padlocks, knob locks, handle locks, rim locks, cam locks, mortise locks, and many others. Here at Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond VA, we can offer a wide variety of styles for home security. We can fit the specific defense needs of your place of residence. We understand that each home is special and that is why we strive to make each one of our projects with the specifications for the each customer. There is never a bad time to call and get the security you need at the price you deserve.

Paul and Son Locksmith

Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond VA Operates 24/7

All technicians at Paul and Son can be at any site with in 20 minutes. They are local locksmiths and there is always a locksmith near you. They all have a locksmith license and they all work in Richmond VA. Every emergency is handled with the most respect and care that all customers expect from a local expert. We are offering more than a great service. We offering better security for the home that will ultimately create a better peace of mind. Never underestimate the importance of a highly qualified technic.

A Local Locksmith that Cares

A Richmond locksmith that is close to the home and close to the heart. A strong lock is a great line of defense from the dangers of the real world. In only 20 minutes your home can be safer and your valuables more secure. Our mobile locksmith service can bring the added security that is required for a happy home. A half rate service and a half rate lock can not only cost more in the long run but it can threaten the safety of your home. Would you trust a poorly designed car to be safe? The is true for keys a lock and that is why we only carry the most durable of locking devices.

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The Lowest Prices on High Quality

Only Paul and Son can offer a 10% discount on all services booked on the same day. Our locksmiths work best when the job is difficult. Remember to ask every possible question and put our employees to the test. Extra discount can be awarded to customer with the most creative problem. If the problem can not solve the problem then the  problem is unsolvable. Call at  804-823-7795 for a free quote over the phone by the operator.

Reliable 24 Hour Daily Locksmith Service

Here at Paul and Son we understand that lock problems are not limited business hours. It is important to understand that at any location in time a lock can break and cease to work as it was intended. Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond VA are prepared for that very scenario of when something can go wrong after bed time. There is no reason any home should have spend one night with faulty locks when when Paul and Son Locksmith in Richmond VA has the tools to repair a faulty system. All the Paul and Son tools are of the highest quality like the training and experience that every Richmond Locksmith has in our company.

Reliable 24 Hour Daily Locksmith

Transponder Car Key Reprogramming

Are you having car key trouble?  If so then look no further than Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond VA. Our mobile service will be able to reach any location and work in any terrain. With new updates in key technology then the programming for a car key can only be reached through master codes. This protects the car but at the same time can make it more difficult in a key malfunction. Our relationship with car manufactures has given us the tools and credibility to safely handle a malfunctioning transponder key. A malfunctioning transponder can accrue during any time but dealerships work only in during business hours. Never be caught during the wrong time when there is a locksmith close to you ready to solve all lock and key problems.

Replacement and Installation

Our Richmond team handle a wide variety of claims that include safe and vault repair. Other claims can be re-key, key copying, installation, lock repair, transponder reprogramming, as well as any kind of lock malfunction that might ever accrue. We have the quality and the workmanship that is difficult to come by in this day and age. Every major brand of lock trusts Paul and Son with installation and that is because Paul and Son has the high credibility that manufactures are looking for. A safe home has a strong lock and a strong lock is only as strong as the installation. A faulty or loose screw can undue the very reliability of an expensive lock. There is no reason to risk  any of this.

Replacement and Installation

Quality keys copied with efficiency

Many people have been guilty of losing their keys at some point in their lives. This is the reason why companies like Paul and Son Locksmith Richmond are providing a service that has keys copied. This is being done with quality and efficiency. The person can wait and supervise while this is being done right at the shop. If a person needs to verify if a company can do this service for him while they wait, one can call 804-823-7795 to ask the question. An answer will be given in a timely manner. Time and security is performing together in this scenario.


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