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Numerous solutions, such as wireless alarms and unexposed CCTV, can protect your family and your possessions when it comes to residential security. However, the most crucial choice can be your door locks. The proper door lock arrangement secures entranceways to guarantee that your home is conveniently accessible for its residents while remaining closed against unauthorized intruders. In addition to having mechanics for doorknobs and deadbolts, door locks may additionally have keyless access, such as control pads or WiFi connectivity.

In essence, door locks are very important, and if you have one installed, then you need the best. That is where Paul and Son Locksmith company comes in. For regular or maximum security locks for your residential or commercial building, we are the professional company to call.

Different Types of Door Locks

Let’s now investigate the most common locks for door kinds and brands in our area. Based on the circumstances, they may be utilized in houses, workplaces, personal spaces, or cupboards.

Knob Locks

Locks with knobs are quite well known. In today’s society, one can find them in practically every apartment or home complex. In addition to deadbolts, they can be mounted on the outside-facing side of the doors for security and protection. These door knob locks possess a locking mechanism that works with cylinder mechanisms (single or double) to lock doors. However, they aren’t the most secure as large objects like hammers or other objects with great weight can break the knots apart easily. Deabolts and doorknobs should therefore always be present on the same exterior. Nevertheless, these kinds of locks for front doors are also quite practical and simple to use.

For residential locksmith Richmond, VA services such as installation of knob locks, contact Paul and Son Locksmith today.

Lever Handles

Lever handles are a common choice for interior doors in houses or offices. They are primarily used in commercial environments like offices or retail stores. This type of lock has a sizable pushdown design lever that is used to unlock the locks. Rather than twisting it like a knob, this straightforward lever handle is simply pressed. The fact that they don’t offer strong security and are poor choices for main external doors must be understood. However, they are great choices for bedroom and bathroom doors.

Rim or Mortise Locks

The most preferred option for large corporate doors, glass doors, or opulent structures is a rim or mortise door lock. In this instance, rim cylinder locks are positioned within the door, which resembles a long piece of metal that extends towards the outside of the door. It’s common practice to mortise close to the edge and install a box lock within the same rim.The many mortise lock types are a strong option for high levels of security. They are, in fact, the ideal type of lock for commercial doors.

If you wish to have this type of lock installed at your commercial establishment, then a locksmith Petersburg, VA can be assigned to you. All you need to do is give us a call.


In addition to doorknobs, deadbolts are typically an alternative for maintaining extra security for improved safety. These types of door locks are typically used in conjunction with doorknobs in many office buildings or houses. This type of lock possesses a lock system that is secured with either a single or double cylinder design (sometimes both) and a hardware system. As a result, it helps lower the possibility of uninvited guests entering your building.

Smart or Digital Locks

A lot of individuals are frequently confused about smart locks or digital locks. These types of locks were developed as a result of recent technological advancements that require no such thing as keys to operate. The locking mechanisms of this type of lock depend solely on electricity or battery currents to function. The only ways to unlock them are through biometrics or passcodes. You shouldn’t forget the pin to open the door, and be cautious not to type in the wrong pin code too frequently. This type of lock is perfect for someone who values simplicity of use.

This is as far as we can go with the types of locks that are available for your residential or commercial doors. However, you can consult with us for the best locks for your doors. We have the experience and technical know-how to install, repair, or replace any of these locks if you so wish. Our services are available 24/7 and we can reach you anywhere in Richmond, VA. Feel free to contact us via our phone lines or social media platforms.

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