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Dead-bolts are special locking mechanisms which cannot be moved to the open position if you do not rotate the lock cylinder. These locking mechanisms are more complicated than others; so in case you use it or you intend to use such a mechanism you should opt for being assisted by a specialised locksmith in working with this type of systems, in order to make sure it is installed properly and works accordingly to the instructions you get when buying this type of mechanism; as the highly prepared members of Paul and Son Locksmith Dumbarton team are always ready to assist you.

The locksmith in Dumbarton offers you assistance in gun locks

For the gun users, that moment when their gun locks and refuse to work might be really annoying and really bad, especially if it happens when they want to go to a hunt or to a gun shooting exercise or worse, competition. This is why Paul and Son Locksmith in Dumbarton is also specialised in gun locks problems, and can take care of any kind of issue you might face when using your gun. Being professional also in gun locking is essential, as we want to help and be there in any situation; even if your gun refuses to work.

Need help in ignition switch keys? Look for the help of Locksmith Dumbarton

It happened to any of us at least on time to face problems in the ignition switch of our car; maybe when we had an emergency or an important meeting to go at. This is why Paul and Son Locksmith in Dumbarton VA is also specialised in ignition switch keys repair, in order to offer you help in any kind of locking or unlocking problems you may have, with any kind of key issue. We are there for you 24/7 in everyday of the week; ready to answer promptly to your help request to help you get your ignition switch mechanism to work.

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Have your Keys copied with the help of locksmiths

Having your Keys copied is one of the most frequent need you can have; especially if you are usually living in a rented house or flat, and you move quite often. Best way to have the appropriate number of keys you need is to get help from a specialised locksmith. Most of locksmiths offer very good keys copying services and best prices on the market, offering both quality and durability; so you can enjoy them a long period of time. You can either surf the web for a locksmith; or just go to a specialized provider of this kind of services.

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