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Some of the locksmiths are never interested in work late nights and they try to avoid customers who have emergencies at odd hours of the day. But that is not the case with Paul & Son Locksmith Jahnke and Hugenot Locksmith as we know that our customers can face an emergency at any moment. Hence, we offer 24/7 emergency service not matter at what time of the day you call us. As soon as you call us, we will immediately dispatch our technical team consisting of expert locksmiths who possess the latest lock repair equipment. Our team is equipped to solve common lock problems such as vehicle lock outs and house lock outs in a matter of minutes.

Broken key extraction is made easy by Jahnke locksmith

Extracting broken keys that have been lodged within the lock itself is not something that all locksmiths specialize in. At Paul & Son Locksmith Richmond, we make it a point to train all our locksmiths in all possible problem scenarios that our customers are likely to face including the likes of broken key extraction which can be a very tedious process at times. If your lock is expensive one or one that is automated, it becomes all the more necessary for you to call us at 804-823-7795 so that we can remove the broken key without causing too much damage to your lock and at the same time issue a new key for it.

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Paul & Son Locksmith Jahnke specializes in Car lockout services

Having a locket out car in your possession with its keys lost? For most people, this situation calls for worry any panic. But for those who are aware of car lockout services offered by Paul & Son Locksmith Jahnke, they can more than afford to smile. We never take our customers’ emergency for granted and we see to that our help reached them in time when compared to other similar  Cedarhurst locksmith services in the region. This is one of or key highlights. We never leave you in the middle of the job till it is completed successfully and are happy with the result that you see at the end.

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Install dead-bolts from locksmiths if you want the best for your home security

With several advanced home locking systems doing the rounds in the market, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of a locksmith for installing the best locking system which is both affordable and effective for your home. What is significant about installing dead-bolts is the fact that it is highly resistant to external force and pressure and can be only opened using a particular opened. For a free estimation on the cost involved in installing a dead-bolt locking system for you home, call 804-823-7795 right away.

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