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Lock Rekeying- A Sustainable Option!

Have you moved into a brand-new house or office and want to make sure you have access to the existing locks? Have you lost your key somewhere and can’t find it? Are your keys and wallet missing, or have they been stolen by someone? The answer to all of this is rekeying locks. The purpose of rekeying a lock is to change its working key without having to replace the lock itself. Simpler still, you keep the same lock but can no longer operate it with the old key. You can do this by disassembling the lock and replacing certain parts inside such as tumblers or key pins.

All modern locks have a built-in option to rekey so wonder not if you are looking for it but it varies according to lock type. Your house may have several locks with different keys, which can be inconvenient and you are looking out for a single key to work with all of them. If you are looking out for lock rekeying or in need of a key to match different locks, Paul and Son Locksmith-Richmond, VA provides you with the expert solution and professional services with no delay or hidden charges.

Lock Rekeying- Is Available!

You need a lock-rekeying if the following applies to your situation

  • Rekeying the locks of a new home is required if you’re moving into one previously occupied by someone else. Access to your dream home should only be granted to people you know and trust such as your family and friends.
  • Newly occupied homes should have their locks changed. It is a smart idea to rekey their locks. With time, lock mechanisms can become dirty and worn down, which makes them vulnerable to break-ins. The process of rekeying an older lock can reduce the likelihood that it will be successfully tampered with.
  • If you’ve lost your keys, rekeying your locks is imperative for the safety of your home. Keyrings containing access keys or address information should not be left unattended since they could be used by a stranger to enter your house. You and your family are best protected from this type of situation by getting your locks rekeyed and getting updated keys.

An expert locksmith will be needed to assist you if you find yourself in a similar situation. You can count on Paul and Son Locksmith to provide you lock rekeying anywhere in Richmond, VA, all day, every day.

Front door locks – Get Them Fixed!

Home security systems, from hidden cameras to wireless alarms, keep our families and belongings safe. Front door locks may be the most effective option.

Choosing a suitable door lock setup will keep unwanted intruders out while keeping your family safe from harm. A wide range of options can be found in modern door locks, from keyless entry to Wi-Fi connectivity and touchscreen controls. Locking mechanisms such as door knobs and deadbolts can also be enhanced with modern technologies. These locks come with a set of keys that with time can become worn and as a result, need rekeying. With the appropriate skills, a professional locksmith can handle this complex process in a much shorter amount of time. Our locksmith Richmond, is well trained for every type of lock rekeying and is ready to assist.

Rekeying Deadbolt Locks – Needs Attention!

Is your deadbolt lock not working? Do you have kids inside the house when your key is stuck in the lock? There is no need to panic since you can fix the deadbolt lock on your front door. A lock can be replaced or rekeyed depending on your preference. Now, you don’t have to compromise your home security just to save a few bucks on changing a mere lock, which is a major risk for break-ins. Don’t hesitate to ask experts if you are confused about how to optimize your house safety. You can reach us at any time for any services of locksmith, Richmond.

Fixing Keys -Needs Professional Locksmith!

It is possible to repair your keys, but it takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to learn it the difficult way. The process of lock rekeying requires not only knowledge and practice, but also the right materials. It is also imperative to remember that if you fail to change a lock yourself, the lock is unlikely to be damaged. It is almost always impossible to rekey an ineffective lock without destroying it completely. In addition, it is not necessary to waste time and money when an expert can find the proper solution in a short amount of time. Paul and Son Locksmith believes in integrity and expert expertise, so your security is in better hands.

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