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Transponder key was first introduced in 1995. Since 1995, Locksmith in Colonial Heights VA Transponder Keys have come in many designs and models. The technological improvements have taken place while making the keys more effective in protection of your vehicle and home. Transponder key is mostly used for vehicle protection. A small chip is inserted in the plastic portion of the key. The chip has a serial number which is sent to the vehicle’s ECU when you try to unlock or start the vehicle. Your vehicle only starts if the key with correct serial number is inserted.

Window Gates Installation by a Colonial Heights VA Locksmith

Every home has many windows. Having a fire escape window can be an entry sign for the thieves. For all such windows in your house, you also need to have window gates to protect yourself, your family and your precious possessions. The Locksmith in Colonial Heights VA window gates service is quick and efficient in every manner. All we need is your window measurements and couple of days to manufacture and install the window gates. We also make sure that the window gates don’t spoil the beauty of your home from outside.

Locksmith in Colonial Heights VA Magnetic Locks Should be Your First Choice

Selecting the type of security device for your store and back door can be confusing. Trust the professionals with their advice. Locksmith Colonial Heights VA magnetic locks are recommended to you for your home protection. Magnetic locks are made of two major parts: an armature plate and an electromagnet. Fail safe and fail secure are the two types of magnetic locks. Fail secure locks remain locked with power loss whereas fail safe locks are the opposite. Call us at 804-823-7795 so that we can guide on the selection of magnetic locks we have on offer for you.

Professional Locksmiths New Lock Installation for Your Home

If you are planning to change the locks for your home then you may consider our professional Locksmith new lock installation service. We are able to cater you with the wide range of locks and locksmith services. Our technicians are also able to solve all your home and vehicle safety problems. We are able to remove the old locks and install new locks within no time at all. You may choose the locks which you want to be installed on the doors, windows and safes.

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