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Quality Padlocks

Not any locksmith company you find out there is committed to provide excellent padlocks for your use. Many people can only do the basics. However, if you need professional services from a trusted locksmith company, contact our Paul and Son Richmond Locksmith. Here, you will meet a pool of experts waiting to take in your project. This is what we do and will always do to make sure that your project is completed successfully. There is no guesswork with what we do. Your padlock is a great security feature and to stay safe, you need one from a reliable company. Get one from us today.

We remove broken keys from locks

Your key can get broken inside its lock. However, that is not the end of the road for you. You only need to engage an expert today and all your problems will be over. Today, our Paul and Son Richmond Locksmith company is committed to work with you closely to make sure that all your needs are met in a professional way. We are here to remove broken keys for people like you. If you are stuck, ask the experts today. We have the skill and expertise to deliver quality services that do not affect your locks in any way. Contact us now and we will attend to you.

broken keys from locks

Get Vehicle keys made professionally

The best service gets vehicle keys made in a professionally yet at a very affordable cost. This is possible with Paul and Son Richmond Locksmith. There has never been another company like ours in the region. We deliver nothing but quality. Your car keys are one of the most important security features. We know you really need a good offer in terms of quality service and cost. You will definitely get this from us. We know what is needed to make a high quality car key and that is why we are giving you quality hardware material and competent professionals to work on your key.
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Professionals who work weekends

You security is too important to be postponed. Yes, we really are committed to offer up a solution when it is needed. If your security features have been compromised over the weekend, you don’t have to wait until Monday. At Paul and Son Richmond Locksmith, our work runs throughout the weekend. We work weekends and we could get your security fixed in no time. We are reliable company that is packed with the necessary tools and equipment to attend to your security needs. Call us via 804-823-7795 today and we will be right there to attend to you. Don’t wait any further while we could help you just now.